ACEC EEA Photographic Display Panels
ACEC EEA Photographic Display Panels
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The deadline for submissions has been extended.

A deadline exception is available to accommodate those who may need more time. Your order must be received by close of business day on Mon. January 8, 2024. This allows enough time to print, produce and ship your entry with a rush processing fee included.*

*All orders must now arrive to ACEC by 1/12/2024

Note: Keystone Displays must receive your order and artwork by December 15, 2023 to ensure your Photographic Display Panel is received at ACEC by January 5, 2024.

When Submitting your Photographic Display Panel for Print:

  • Provide a High-Quality Print File (Press Ready PDF)
  • Do not include any bleed
  • Do not include any printer’s marks or crop marks
  • Setup file to actual size of 30”x30”
  • All images need to be a minimum of 120dpi at final size

As a reminder, it’s your responsibility to follow all graphic requirements provided by ACEC as listed in the EEA Call for Entries PDF (#’s 3-6 under Photographic Display Panel Requirements). 

Keystone Displays will provide your Photographic Display Panel, following the required specifications for media and hook Velcro® placement, including the back of panel label, plus shipping to ACEC office. 

  1. PANEL SIZE: 30” x 30” square, with a matte finish, laminated front and back as follows:
A. Front lamination thickness: 5 mil
B. Back lamination thickness: 5 mil
C. Panel stock thickness before lamination: no more than 5-6 mil
D. Total panel (with lamination) thickness: 15-16 mil
  1. VELCRO ATTACHMENTS: Four, 9-inch long strips of Velcro, width 1-inch, (the hook side only) must be placed vertically on the back, near each corner of the panel.
  2. BACK OF PANEL LABEL: Add a label to the back of the panel with the name of the entrant’s firm, the firm address, the project name, and the entry category.

For a complete list of display panel requirements please download the following PDF or visit the ACEC website HERE.